if no one speaks of (回憶,旋轉,舞步 wine mix)


I need this 

if no one speaks of (回憶,旋轉,舞步 wine mix) by the marshmallow kisses

Lucy Liu in Zac Posen at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards.



ppl can never let ppl talk about anti-asian racism w/o being like “what about..” and “yeah but..” 👀🔍 like it isn’t a competition ok!




hmm….more than often its the other way around but okay work

“you’re the model minority you don’t have it as bad”

"you have asian privilege stop complaining"

"you’re just fetishised who cares"

soooooooooooo what are you implying? that I…

ok but she isn’t implying that you’re saying this personally at all sagal she’s saying this is what other people say she never accused/implied you of doing anything

baby feminism/racism 101.

this is what tumblr user kendrickruleseverythingaroundme replied with, and i [mostly] agree.

tumblr user 7ae, if you mean black people then say it. it isn’t a competition but antiblackness is literally what ties non black poc and white people together. “ppl” can “never” is a fucking lie and it is wrong and black women have always, will always, and continue to be rooting for others, behind many causes, supporting many causes. you all should learn to stop with coded language because the minute everyone stops with antiblackness things will be a lot easier for everyone.

http://tigerkit.tumblr.com/post/79782499536 is a great post explaining to you antiblackness and the history behind the actual term therefore you using the term anti-asian? also disingenuous. why did you delete your original post?

so while everything you state is valid to  A POINT, while people discussing these issues are not to be derailed discussing antiblackness in correlation with the racism that you as an asian person faces is IMPERATIVE. this post was basically unecessary unless you meant only white people which for some crazy reason i doubt.

hi, thank you for your response. i did not delete my original post but i will after this to prevent it from spreading further although what i said has already been said, and i clarify it was written with white people in mind (for example “but we love your culture” and other microaggressions that imply that we should be grateful that we do not have it as difficult as others). however, that doesn’t matter, as you are absolutely right and i sincerely apologise. i spoke completely out of turn and what i said was incorrect and ignorant, and you have every right to call me out on it, as does everyone else who has too. i’m sorry to everyone who i have offended with this post, including friends, who may very understandably want to distance themselves from me now. it was unnecessary and harmful, and while it wasn’t my intention, that is irrelevant. this will not happen again, and thank you once again for your response.

and while i have seen the term ‘anti-asian’ often used when discussing racism against asians, i will no longer use it.

xiao wen ju backstage at burberry prorsum s/s 2015